Healing Acne Holistically

The ACNE – BIOFILM Connection

What the dermatologist did not tell me…

Growing up I had one of the worst cases of acne. I tried all the creams, lotions, scrubs and prescriptions I could think of. But nothing seemed to work and the minute I stopped using the chemicals, the acne came raging back. Worst of all it seriously affected my self esteem. I did not like the way I looked when I saw myself in the mirror and this lead to me feeling self conscious and thus not very popular with the opposite sex. So I did what most of us do…use cover ups and suffer in silence.

Years later I learned about something called bio-films. What is a bio-film? So glad you asked! It is a sticky polysaccharide sac, stuck on the intestinal lining…harder than dried mucus in your nose. They are collections of millions of tiny ‘nano-bacteria’ that throw off tones of waste products. These waste products can collect in the blood, get picked up by your largest organ – The Skin – and manifest in the form of acne. This is what I believe to be the leading cause of intractable acne on the skin. (please read on to learn all the root causes of acne)

“99% of Bacteria Make Biofilms: Microbiologists have traditionally researched only free-floating, individual bacteria growing in laboratory cultures. But in the real world, 99% of all microbial activity is in an open ecosystem using biofilms. In the natural world and in your body, most bacteria aggregate within big clumps of biofilms in which they behave very differently than single, isolated bacteria.  It would seem that Microbiologists have been barking up the wrong tree” (1.)

In the 1930s, medical pioneers discovered that a dilute, natural-source HCL solution when specifically combined with potassium and other mineral salts was an incredibly efficient media to eliminate even serious, longstanding infections. It was safe, efficient and easy to use — taken orally several times daily. So outstanding were the results that numerous medical researchers found it uncompromisingly beneficial for every condition they used it for — from tonsillitis to malaria to cancerous tumors.  – Please see the Article Series by Medical Pioneers on Hydrochloric Acid Therapy, written by Walter B. Guy. For HCL Detox Therapy, natural-source betaine HCL (hydrochloride) is combined with potassium-rich, natural substrates that together create a unique, highly ionized complex that is fully capable of detoxifying and bursting the biofilm sacs  in which infectious organisms hide and can become impervious to the immune system. (2.)

After reading about the Acne-Biofilm connection, is when I had the big “Ah-Ha” moment. I began a specific protocol to eliminate my chronic acne condition once and for all… 1. Break the bio-films using the Amazing HcL detox, and use a natural anti-infective compound to eliminate the bacteria driving the acne, 2. start a “full-tilt” proper liver cleanse along with coffee enema’s (please read the coffee enema blog after you book your appointment), 3. Clean out my junked-up Colon and repopulate it with the good bacteria known has probiotics, 4. Go on a Whole-Food Plant Based Diet…and wipe-out the acne causing foods YES!. All that was left to do was practice good hygiene. We have become a nation who has lost hygiene, we seem to be doing something called LOW-GIENE! This ‘formulation’ of processes called the Acne Protocol is what ultimately resolved my acne condition and gave me TRUE results that have lasted me for over 10 years! Wow. If you would like more information on how to end the acne cycle in your life, please feel free to give me ‘a buzz’ or fill out the More INFO button to set up a consultation session. It will be my pleasure to start you on the journey of a life-time ACNE FREE! Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

Brian Gangel – Holistic Lifestyle and Natural Health Professional
New Millennium Living Ltd 647 286 1439 or BGangel.com

(1., 2.) Reprint with permission from Premier Research Labs.

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