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It has been quite a journey to mold New Millennium Living Ltd into the form you see before you.

Our company has been split into 4 quadrants. First and foremost is the Natural Health Care component. Here we provide you with the most advanced healing modalities available anywhere. This includes a combination of the ultra modern quantraceuticals and biofield medicine, reconstituted ancient “healing arts”, along with the most current information on nutrition.

Vastu has seen a real renaissance in recent years with the addition of new EMF remediation tools, brand new building materials and more economical methods of bringing those amazing beneficial source energies into your life. If you have not been to Vastu seminar before, make plans to attend…it will be a ‘drink from the fire hydrant’ and certainly change your life. Has a special bonus, you can now invite a friend to come along to one of our seminars for FREE, provided you pre-book you seats in advance. Please download the coupon.

Food Freaks has “EXPLODED” on the scene.  Our RAW food shows have been selling out months in advance! They are totally interactive shows. They include a wonderful blend of videos, lectures, group workshops, modules and of course….lots of yummy food. Guests say that they feel it was the best live show they have ever seen.  WOW! Thank you to everyone who attended one of the five 2012 shows. Look for more Food Freaks dates in 2013. Check the site for more details.  The fun has not ending though: The new pantry is now on line, our new “plant UP progression” dinner parties are starting in December/January and our one-on-one O.R.V. (organic, raw, vegan) food preparation session are available anytime by request. Call for available.

The Newest addition to NML is taking the ‘show-on-the-road’.  I will be doing lots of public speaking engagements in the next year. You can meet me at all the major health shows in your area. In fact if you are a part of an organization and would like to have me speak to your group, we can make that happen.

Again thank you for taking the time for visiting  BG angel . com  Take a look around and enjoy

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We are here to serve.

Have a stress-free and healthy day, and remember that your final departure date can be delayed.


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