The S.W.A.T. team for our health care system

I am often asked what exactly what do you do Brian? You don’t seem to fit into any of the usual parameters of someone who is in the natural health industry. You seem more like a scientist caught in a World of wooie-wooie practitioners. After almost 20 years in this arena, it suddenly dawned on me that I really don’t fit into any of the existing categories people come to expect.

I was on a trip to Orlando in 2008 when I met a gentleman sitting across from me at the departure lounge  at the airport. He was approx. 6’2” and wore a well leathered cowboy hat with lots of Southern pride. He asked me…”what do ya do for a living boy?” I explained that I was into natural health. His eyes widen. Then came the invariable response, “I know you, you are one of those natural pathetics? Ain’t ya?” I responded with a little in trepidation, “No, no, that’s not me”. Before I had a chance to even explain myself, he fired off with many other cynical descriptions probably representative of some bad experiences from visiting natural health practitioners in the past. You are one of those Chiro-Gyro’s? Trying to crack my back into small pieces.  A salt-soaker joker with a tub of salt water that turns black expecting me to go “Oh My God – this came out of me?”, or let me guess you are a Ortho-pedic comedic? Thinking that an overpriced foot insert is going to fix my sleep troubles.

When he finally exhausted himself, I had a chance to carefully word my response. That is when I had the Ah-Ha! Moment. I postured up and in a soft but authoritative voice stated: I am a holistic health coach. I help people identify the DRIVERS behind their long standing health issues – the root cause if you will – and then recommend solutions that will help the body return to an ideal state of health.

That is when the Big Texan’s wife came to life. “Does that mean you can help me with my digestive issues that no-one else seems to be able to solve?” – “please tell me what my drivers are”… We spent the rest of our time together in deep conversation with a lively exchange of laughs and life experiences. When the boarding announcements came for our flights we shook hands, embraced and made sure we quickly exchanged emails and phone numbers. When I was on the apron to board my plane I heard a voice yell out from the departure lounge: “you’re the S.W.A.T. team for our health care system” – His wife then chimed in: “when your health goes south who you gonna call? Brian – the Health Buster”.  Thumbs up and smiles all around, I had discovered how to label what it is that I do.  Thank you Chuck and Gladis.

If you are interested in finding out what is the root cause of your health dis-order or dis-ease, call me today. It might be time to “Cowboy UP” and seek out Nutritional Advice that really works. Brian Gangel

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