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Welcome to Life<>Bridge!

When I was looking to start a new career I thought about moving in the direction of natural health. I began to research the different modalities out there, but I really did not know where to start. I was afraid of wasting precious time & money on expensive schools or starting down the wrong path. There just did not seem to be a mentorship program that could point me in the right direction for success. What I really wanted was “PRE-SCHOOL” for Adults looking to start a new career in what I felt was the faster growing field in business & human interest: Natural Health!!! What I needed was for someone to Teach, Train, Coach and Motivate me.

This was the inspiration for me to create Life<>Bridge. I wanted to give up-and-coming entrepreneurs and those looking to change careers, a “leg-up” if you will. Teach them some powerful tools & techniques that they could put into action to achieve instant success. I wanted to amalgamate the 3 most important aspects of natural health sciences into one program. Life<>Bridge is easy, effective, inspiring and extremely economical.

Course Description:

The program is delivered in 3 one day sessions. You read it right….you will learn what took me 20 years to obtain in ONLY 3 DAYS! How is that possible? We call it “intensive” for a reason. There is no fluff here, only core-right-to-the-point information. It is delivered in a clear, concise and logical way. It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional or a novice just starting out, you will certainly benefit from Life<>Bridge. It is also a wonderful series for those who just want to know more about Natural Health or even contemplating a shift into this fast growing field.

Sessions are held on Sundays for ease & convenience and you don’t have to attend the sessions in any particular order. You can even select only the sessions of interest to you, but I already know that you will want to attend all 3 sessions. You will be “blown-away” with the quality and quantity of information you will attain in just a single day! We start each session off with a Quantum Breakfast (included) to ensure everyone’s brain is operating at the peak of performance…I want you to retain and use what you have learned.

Session 1 – QRX™Day

Here you will learn the “Medicine of the 21st Century”. An advanced kinesiology testing modality. You will learn the anatomy of the human body, how to use it to address issues like interference fields, dental concerns, organ & gland in-balances, allergies, food assurance and so much more.

Next Course Date: Sunday March 10th @ 9:30am

“I learned more in one day than I did over 2 years of nutrition school” Jen P. 

Session 2 – FOOD WORX™ 

Here you will learn the basics to World Class Nutrition. We cover the pH, Digestion, The S.A.D. Diet, Food Testing, Detox basics, Menu Planning, etc. PLUS: you will get an intensive immersion into the world of becoming a raw food chef. All in one day!

Next Course Date: Sunday April 7th @ 9:30am

 “This class prepares you for so many options.” Patty P.

Session 3 – the Ancient Secrets of VASTU

Described as Feng Shui on Steroids! Here you will learn something truly magical: the point where quantum physics merges with bio-chemistry. Demonstrations on soil remediation, EMF solutions, Energy balancing, Geo-Pathic Stress and so much more! You will learn the science behind bending the rules that govern our physical universe and how to shift gears to achieve outrageous health and wealth. Nothing you know will ever be the same again!

Next Course Date: Sunday April 28th @ 9:30 am

“drink from the fire hydrant – I could start my
own Vastu Consultation business the next day.” Tom L.


I truly believe that Life<>Bridge fills the gap left behind with traditional methods to schooling. You will save you time and money by getting a real-world experience. You will be inspired and motivated to take positive actions that will have long lasting results. Each session is non-certified and includes the fantastic SOS Buffet Lunch – the right fuel to keep you going through these intensive classes. Each session must be booked in advance and is priced at an extremely affordable cost of only $249.99 per session. This opportunity won’t last forever. Classes have been selling out “months in advance”. Cement your seat at Life<>Bridge today. Class are starting soon and are centrally located just North of Toronto. The setting is beautiful – on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Take control, start something new and get ready for the ride of your life! See you soon…

Life<>Bridge Course Pricing: $249.99 per course.

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