The Ultimate Menu Plan – EATING AGAINST ALL ODDS

If you eat make-believe food, you will only get make-believe health

Ok, so you’ve started a new health program… your first question, “What do I eat now?”

There are so many different diet plans out there to choose from.  Which one is right for me?  This is easily the most common question I am asked.  There is the Palio diet, the South Beach, the Kapha Diet, The Atkins’s diet; The Rejuvenate Eating Plan….the list is endless. However, in my last 20 years in clinic I have discovered a simple eating plan that incorporates the best of all of them. They are have something to offer so it made sense to me to ‘cherry pick’ the best components of each and blend them together into an easy to follow, gradual transition diet that has the best odds to succeed.

After taking the Whole Food Plant Based Diet course from the T. Collin Campbell foundation at Cornell University I discovered a style of eating that gives you boundless energy, helps to fight dis-ease and keeps the pounds off. Wow! Can this really be true?  Yes.

The hardest part of changing your diet is keeping on track. The Key to ‘staying on the rails’ is planning. This is the first lesson I teach at my new Culinary ARTs Class. The second key is having the right materials. That is the primary reason we built a new Commercial Kitchen at the Fernlea Natural Health Studio’s in Richmond Hill. We wanted to give you a real life experience of being in the kitchen of your favourite healthy restaurant.  This truly gives you a back stage pass into seeing what goes on behind the scenes. We keep the class size extremely small – only 4 lucky people per class – get to learn hands on from experts in the field.  The last Key for the EATING AGAINST ALL ODDS menu plan is the 3 characteristics that describe any great meal…..aroma, presentation and taste.  The food must have a rich aroma that is pleasing to the nose. It must be presented with great flare and gusto that is dazzling to the eye. And lastly the flavours must be superior to anything you may have tasted in any convention meal. It all boils down to what I call “P.U.R.E.  W. O. W.” This stands for a positive, unblemished restaurant experience – where the food is worthy of wanting. This is the Core of what I teach in my 3 hours class.

I hope you take the opportunity to come to Culinary ARTs and spend some time with me so that I can show how to beat the odds and learn to love your kitchen again for the first time. Until we meet again, Good eats to you my friend.


Brian Gangel – Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Culinary Nutritionist

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