Brian Gangel is the The Health Detective in Canada. Since 1995 he has been dedicated healing the human body by observing the driver behind dis-ease and dis-order in accordance to the teaching of the World Leaders in natural health. His main inspiration has been Dr. Robert Marshall & Dr. Linda Forbes of Premier Research Labs (PRL) in Austin Texas.  He has developed a completely unique skill set that includes Traditional Herbalism, Iridology, Health Coaching, Holistic Skin Care, Environmental Sciences, Food & Nutrition Sciences, Vastu Technologies, Ancient Arts, and so much more. These are all based on the foundational teaching of PRL. His current areas of interest are Quantum Physics, Biology, BioChemisty & Astronomy.  Adding to his armamentarium is that of Canadas  QRA Expert, wtih over 15,000 QRA tests under his belt. QRA is Quantum Reflex Analysis Advanced Kinesiology Muscle Testing for the most rapid assessment of pin-point nutritional requirements of the body to help with a return to ideal health.