Healing Acne Holistically

by briangangel on October 1, 2012

The ACNE – BIOFILM Connection What the dermatologist did not tell me… Growing up I had one of the worst cases of acne. I tried all the creams, lotions, scrubs and prescriptions […]

18 Steps To Improving Digestion

by briangangel on September 25, 2012

Creating good digestion involves not only proper chemistry (acid/alkaline environments, enzymes and balanced intestinal flora), but it also is influenced by lifestyle, emotions, attitude, timing, habits and environment.  If proper digestion does […]

The Coffee Enema: The Ultimate Detox

by briangangel on September 18, 2012

The Coffee Enema  Its Unique History & Amazing Detox Properties The coffee enema is truly one of the most amazing detox procedures in the World.  Its historical users play like a who’s […]

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