Brian Gangel

on behalf of New Millennium Living Ltd.

Liability Waiver & Disclaimer

I fully understand that Brian Gangel is not a medical doctor or medical practitioner of any type.       I am not here for any medical diagnostic, procedure or medical treatment of any kind.  No medical claims are being stated. No claims to the cure of any disorder or of any disease are being stated. All sessions conducted by Brian Gangel on behalf of New Millennium Living Ltd. are for personal research and/or investigational and/or informational purposes only. Any statements or comments made by Brian Gangel have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the F.D.A.  His Information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Please note that this type of health consultation is not covered by OHIP and may not be covered by a private insurance plan..

Understand that you may be currently under the care of a medical doctor, specialist and/or other health professional under licence according to the laws of the Canadian and/or American Medical and or Dental Association. Therefore I am not accepting any provided information has a substitute for any treatment, diagnostic and/or procedure related to any other serious infection or disease (including Cancer) for which I might be treated or assessed for. I accept full responsibility for my own health conditions and any interactions, contraindications or complications which may occur now or in the future. I understand that Brian Gangel and New Millennium Living Ltd. and their heirs and/or employees are fully indemnified from any legal responsibility or association with my health condition, now or in the future.

The following are the healing herbal precautions:
1. Pregnant and nursing women should consult a doctor before using any natural products or dietary supplementation;
2. Not intended for children under 24 months or seniors with a medical condition;
3. Check with your doctor for any possible drug interaction or contraindications before using any dietary supplementation;
4. If you suffer from a chronic illness, inform us and seek professional help;
5. Do not treat serious illness yourself, seek medical attention right away;
6. Be well informed, make yourself aware of what you are doing in regards to your health at all times;
7. If you are in doubt about any information provided, please make us aware of this.

While on the premises of : New Millennium Living Ltd. 5729 Lakeshore Road, Stouffville, Ont, L4A 3C4, I accept full responsibility for any personal injuries which may occur. This included the driveways, common areas, bathrooms and offices.