Limitless – Unlock Your Mind’s Potential

Event Location: Neptune's Landing | Event Date: Thursday May 25, 2017 @ 7 PM

Date: THURSDAY MAY 25TH, 2017

Time: 7 PM Sharp!

Cost: $195.00 Limited to 25.

The Secret is out! Unlimited Energy, Alertness, Focus & Memory

Based on the Movie, Unlock your minds full potential!




What if you could unlock every corner of your mind? You’ve seen the movie, now here’s your chance to live it!
Join Brian Gangel in his mind blowing ‘Limitless’ seminar, which unlocks the secrets to the potential of the human mind.

Brian will show you how to have the power to experience the ultimate in clarity, the ability to ‘mirror’ the perfect version of yourself & unlock the “Secrets” behind the Worlds Greatest Super Computer – the human brain.  He provides insight on the unique lifestyle issues that create a limited view point and nutritional needs to reach your peak performance.  The event culminates in the unveiling of the …secret formula! Yes, a way to unlock the mind’s full potential with just “one daily hit”.

Don’t miss your chance to come and see BG Angel LIVE in this intimate setting giving his eye-opening and amazing discussion on living the “limitless” life.