Ignite Your Inner Healer

Get your tickets to the health event of the summer!

On the evening of June 27th join us for the Canadian Premier of igNITE Your Inner Healer!® health series. This will be your opportunity to SAMPLE Healing ARTS from Around the World in one Place… in one Evening! Totally FREE. If you have pain issues, are feeling stressed out, have general health concerns or just plain sick and tired of being sick & tired, then this is the event for you! Meet the Influencer & Leaders of the Alternative Health Movement in Canada. And this will be your opportunity to interact and immerse yourself in 7 different forms of healing spanning all the genres, to help you prepare, to IGNITE YOUR INNER HEALER. The Power to heal the human body really is within each of us and We’ll show you how…

 Featuring: 1. Ken Henshrow from Wellspring Farms conducting a Vibrational Concert – “Using Sound to Heal”;   2. Brian Gangel from QRA™ Canada teaching us how to tap-into-the Source Energies of Mother Earth (known as Vastu, described as “Feng Shui on Steriods”);  3. Naty Howard from the ReAlign Ranch, taking us through the Deep Breathing Workshop: how to “Listen to the Rhythm of your Heart”; 4. Janet Matthews of Chicken Soup for the Soul™ helping us to Build an E-Motional Tool Box – “Exploring the Metaphysical Realm” 5. Leigh Surgeoner from Optimal Health will be demonstrating How-to-Heal with Mud – “Lessons from the Ancients” 6. Dr. Tim Houlton from BrainTap™ Canada presents a way to Relax, Reboot and Strengthen your Busy Brain: & Manage Stress like Never Before; 7. Sharon Walsh – Quantum Wave Canada – Healing with Lasers : the future is certainly bright!  

…MEET LIKE-MINDED FRIENDS AND GET TRULY INSPIRED! This will be a positive & nurturing environment for all to enjoy. THE EVENT is OPEN to ALL of those who are interested in the Healing Arts, Energy Medicine, the Metaphysical and Alternative Health. Experience a Buffet of Healing Styles from Around the World & ignite that spark of wonderment you have for the Human Body. Together we will igNITE Your Inner Healer®! Don’t Miss It! Register Today. You can get tickets at EventBrite.com / Ignite Your Inner Healer. The event is FREE* but requires a $20. Deposit. (Your deposit will be refunded to you at the front entrance of ballroom, the night of the event only.) (Schedule is subject to change depending on the availability of presenters) igNITE is sponsored by QRA™ Canada and Ecoidea’s Internationa

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