Neptune’s Landing

A centre for health, education and rejuvenation.

Neptune’s Landing, is a centre for renewed health, education and stress free living. The centre is located in Stouffville, Ontario, overlooking Musselman’s Lake.

Brian Gangel, leading healer and QRA  expert, created his centre to provide an environment for people to come and heal, learn about health and well-being and to de-stress from the tensions of everyday living.

As a practitioner of Vastu Sciences, Brian created the centre to align with these ancient principles of architecture and design. The practices of Vastu are 10000 year old and based on geometric principles of design and construction, which are used to create the most powerful, harmonious living environments possible.  Vastu promotes overall health (internal and external), as well increased success and prosperity.

Everyone who visits Neptune’s Landing immediately notices the relaxed, rejuvenating energy that emanates from the centre and its surrounding landscape. The centre is host to individual health consultations, amazing health seminars, nature walks, and the most extraordinary health products and resources available.

Neptune’s Landing truly is a centre that promotes the more rapid return to optimal health!

Visit Brian Gangel and Neptune’s Landing today by signing up for an initial consultation or for one of many upcoming seminars.