Life Path Coaching

Trained as a certified holistic nutritionist and QRA expert, Brian Gangel utilizes his advanced knowledge of health and nutrition to help clients achieve the highest degree of physical health.

With his extensive knowledge, Brian helps his clients focus on making all their dreams become a reality and making what seems unattainable, attainable.

What is Coaching?
Life coaching is a practice that helps individuals identify and achieve goals in every aspect of their life.  Life coaches utilize sociology, positive psychology, and personal development to help identify blocks to success.  Through coaching, a client can achieve measurable success in relationships, career, finances, emotional health and more.

As a life coach, Brian Gangel  counsels individuals in the way that is right for them. Each session is custom designed for the needs of the individual. Brian take an active role in his client’s lives and helps them confront their fears, which in return helps them reach their full potential.

Benefits of Coaching
As a Life Coach, Brian Gangel can help the tiniest or biggest goal become closer to being attainable.  In a safe and nurturing space, you can learn to connect to your highest truth, perhaps for the first time and experience a whole new world that you thought was only a dream.

Some benefits of life coaching are:

  • Realizing the real priorities in your life
  • Shortening the time frame to achieve goals
  • Viewing an outside perspective and possibilities for the future
  • Facilitating organization and structure in your life
  • Encourages you to go above and beyond your comfort zone
  • A sense of self-assurance, support, certainty, confidence, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.

Brian Gangel – Holistic Lifestyle and Natural Health Professional
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