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Quantum Reflex Analysis℠ is NOW in Canada. Learn this Revolutionary Kinesiological Muscle Testing Technology for the most rapid identification of Nutritional Imbalances of Key Organs & Glands. It can also aid in seeking out those pesky interference fields that can “choke-off” the energetic & nutritional flow to major body system. Now it’s your turn to Learn the Science behind QRA℠ and everything it can do for you, your family & your Practice! Truly a life-changing event

(Please see the impressive list of testimonials from Top-End Practitioners, MD’s, ND’s, DC’s, CCN’s, FIACA, DACBN’s and many more – it can be found on the attached QRA℠ Introduction Booklet.)

The Quantum Science Summit© — Canadian Professional Edition features even more: QRA℠ Quantum Reflex Analysis hands-on training, Vastu (Architectural) Energy Sciences, Mud-Pack Healing Technologies, the E.M.F. (electromagnetic field remediation) Workshop, E.R.T. – Emotional Repolorization Therapy and so much more…

Please find attached the following documents for you to review and enjoy:

  1. The Fully Updated Agenda for the Event

The Quantum Science Summit will feature many Special Guests Speakers:

Your Lead Instructor will be Brian Gangel – Canada’s QRA℠ Expert, Director of QRA℠ Services and Canada’s Diplomat for Premier Research Labs™.

Janet Matthews from Chicken Soup for the Soul™ will be delivering a powerful talk on Emotional Healing Techniques, Spiritual Wisdom for a healthy mind, ERT™ Emotional Repolarization Technique and the use of the QCI™ Quantum Coherence Integrator for the most rapid shift back to ideal health.

Sivia Binder, N.D., Ph.D. President/CEO Ondamed will deliver a talk on EMF’s and a personalized treatment approach utilizing electro-magnetic field stimulation.

Dental Expert Dr. Dana Colson DDS, FAGD will be delivering an enlightening seminar on the Root Causes of Disease, Heavy Metal issues and Quantum Dentistry for the 21st Century.

Canada’s iPacking Specialist Leigh Surgeoner: M.Sc, B.Ed, Cancer Coach, RHN: Will lead the seminar on Quantum iMud Packing- a method to resolve many of today’s difficult health issues.

We have included an additional sign up form, should a fellow colleague or friend also wish to attend the event. Tickets are selling very quickly. Notice there is a box on the form for a Referral Name. When you refer a qualified professional who signs up and attends the QSS, you will receive a Referral Gift of $95. This will be payable to you directly at the event. It’s our way of saying “thank you” for supporting QRA-SM in Canada.

  1. The What is QRA℠ Introductory brochure.
  2. Please find attached a list of Eligible qualifications that make it possible to attend the Quantum Science Summit©

Other “Perks” for attending include: receiving 3 – $25. Gift Certificates from WholeFoods for you to enjoy during the Event. Please note that the Markham Hilton Suites & Conference Centre does not allow outside food to be consumed inside the ballrooms.

The Markham Hilton Suites is offering our attendees a special rate on a Junior Suite if you wish to stay on-site during the event. Please call them directly at TEL: +1-905-470-8500. Please quote: #Quantum Science Summit.

The on-site Registration Desk (outside the ballrooms) opens at 9 am on the Friday Morning. You will be asked to sign a non-disclosure and waiver form & seminar ‘code of conduct’ form. Then you will be receiving the almost 200 page Seminar Manual which includes the QRA℠ Instructional Guide/ Vastu Texts & Nutritional Protocols – the heart of the event!

“We are very excited and honored that you have chosen to attend the Quantum Science Summit©   On behalf of myself, Rafic Sidani (Ecoideas), Dr. Robert Marshal Ph.D & Dr. Linda Forbes and the Staff at Premier Research Labs (Austin Texas)…WELCOME TO OUR WORLD!”

See you at the Event.

Brian Gangel

Brian Gangel of New Millennium Living Limited, Director of Canadian QRA℠ Services.


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