QRA Quantum Reflex Analysis

“A Rapid Assessment of the Body’s Main Organ/Gland Control Points for the most Rapid Return to an Optimal & Ideal Health Status.”

What is Q.R.A.™?
What if there was a way your body could rapidly repair a damaged organ or revitalize itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could recover peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill for years?

Brian Gangel is Canada’s Leading QRA™ expert with over 15 years experience, having performed over 10,000 QRA™ tests. Book your consultation Today! Start the New Year off on the right foot…detox-out the junk and enjoy renewed energy, vitality and a real ZEST for life!

Q.R.A.™ or Quantum Reflex Analysis™, is a simple, safe, yet profound way for the body to communicate WHAT IT NEEDS TO HEAL! It is the union of science-based kinesiological testing, time-proven ancient therapies, systematic analysis of the body’s Quantum Plasma-Energy Biofield and outstanding nutrition and detoxification breakthroughs of the 21st century. Q.R.A.™ provides a comprehensive system to initiate the most rapid resolution of even the most deep-seated, chronic conditions – simply not possible by any other methodology.

Unleashing the Power
Through the use of Q.R.A, it is now possible to release the body’s inherent, powerful biological quantum energy circulation matrix that is capable of speeding up renewal and regeneration in our bodies. Practitioners of QRA use the QEB as a template to identify and eliminate stressors that have deactivated the body’s own potent internal healing systems for rejuvenation, endurance, vitality and longevity.

How Will I Benefit From Quantum Reflex Analysis?

  • Locate toxins, allergies, and other weaknesses in the body
  • A way to determine nutritional formulas
  • Tests how your body and organs respond to supplements and foods with strength or weakness
  • Identifying what your body requires to systematically clear and rebuild its integrity

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