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Ancient Arts
: Podcast Series

Learn how to heal yourself like never before…..
We rediscover the SECRETS & Remedies from Ancient Cultures around the World from long, long ago.


Ask The Health Detective
:  Podcast Series

Welcome to the “THE HEALTH DETECTIVE LIVE” with ‘Holistic Health Expert’ Brian Gangel…. He has helped literally thousands, and Today Brian will be answering your Nutrition and Health related questions and providing educational information to help you keep and maintain your great health. Brian is not a medical doctor and no medical claims are being stated. Comments made have not been evaluated by Health Canada, the FDA, the FTC or the USDA and are NOT intended to diagnosis , cure, treat or prevent any disease. Always consult your medical doctor or health care professional before beginning and new protocols. The methods and products that Brian recommends are based on the teachings and exacting standards set out by his mentor Dr. Robert Marshall PHD from Premier Research Labs in Austin Texas.


Build Your Health Brand:
 Podcast Series

Welcome to the Building Your health brand podcast. Thank you for stopping by and sitting in on today’s interview. You are about to meet the movers & shakers in the natural health business. If you are looking to launch a new brand in the Health Space or ever dream of taking a new product to market, you came to the right place. The Health & Wellness industry is set to break the $1 TRILLION Dollar mark in 2017, so we are about to interview those who have taken the plunge and hope to strike it big! Hi I am your host is Brian Gangel – Holistic Health Leader, Owner / Founder of BG Angel .com and Canada’s QRA Expert. Today I will share my 30+ years of experience in building & selling brands in the Health Space, this includes the infomercial/As Seen on TV – product promotion World, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution business, Plus teaching, training, coaching and motivation others to be highly successful health care practitioners.

Departure Delayed
: Podcast Series

Departure Delayed Podcast reveals the hidden side of the longevity equation & Quantum State Anti-Aging.

Sponsored by New Millennium Living Ltd. – The New Science of Health 


Detox Rocks
: Podcast Series

The podcast that helps you to kick out the crap!, your host is Brian Gangel – Holistic Health Guru, Owner / Founder of BG Angel .com and Canada’s QRA Expert. Today Brian will be answering your Nutrition and Health related questions to help guide you through the dizzy maze of detoxification methods so you can “let the good times roll”


End of Daze
: Podcast Series

Welcome to the End of Daze….the podcast that clears up the confusion and mis-information associated with todays important Environment Issues. Stories that will provoke investigation into the facts behind the fiction. Great stories from the heart & sound scientific information combine to inspire and educate. Our goal is to motivate you to make real changes and hopeful champion an environmental cause of your own. Together we can avoid the End of Daze.


Hard Knocks = Business Lessons Learned the hard way!:
 Podcast Series

LIVE FROM THE Neptune’s Landing Recording Studio Welcome to Hard Knocks=Business Lessons Learned the hard way! Time to take Back control of your business and get ready for a reboot and LiftOFF! Hello Business Fans, I’m Brian Gangel from New Millennium Living Ltd and BGangel.com, Today I will be sharing my 40 years of experience in the Toy Industry, Giftware Business, Brick & Mortar Retailing, Product development & Marketing, Health Care Industry, Informercial World, import & Export business and Seminar / Workshop Space. I will get you a behind the scenes look at, what works and what doesn’t. I know, because I graduated from the school of Hard Knocks. Hold on tight, cause everything you know is going bye, bye. Please read disclaimer at BGangel.com
Here we go!


Ignite Your Inner Healer:
  Podcast Series

Welcome to the igNITE Your Inner Healer!® health series podcast. This will be your opportunity to SAMPLE a Buffet of Healing ARTS from Around the World in one Place…If you have pain issues, are feeling stressed out, have general health concerns or just plain sick and tired of being sick & tired, then this is the place for you! this is your opportunity immerse yourself in the most unusual forms of healing arts and science spanning all the genres, all designed to IGNITE YOUR INNER HEALER. You are about to meet the movers & shakers, the infulencers and the leaders in the alternative health movement in the World Today. The Power to heal the human body… really is within each of us and We’ll show you how…so sit back and get ready for LIFT OFF! Here we GO!


Limitless Energy
: Podcast Series

Cutting edge breakthroughs in health to help you become Limitless! We share the secrets that will literally “plugged-you-in & super-charge your life”. Energy, Power, Strength, Memory, Acuteness, Alertness & Focus, together we will feel alive! So Let’s Get Limitless! – Hang on tight cause everything you know is going Bye-Bye.


Nutrition That Really Works℠:     Podcast Series
utrition That Really Works!℠ The podcast that explores the hidden side of Health & Nutrition. Our focus will be on the Organ & Gland Systems and how a famous quote by Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine” can be of value to you.

QRA™ Weekly   Podcast Series

“Welcome to our World. Defining the 21st Century Health Care Practitioner –
QRA™ is the union of science-based kinesiological testing, time-proven ancient therapies, systematic analysis of the
body’s subtle energy systems based on acupuncture meridian dynamics, quantum physics discoveries relating to the body’s quantum biofield, and outstanding nutrition and nutraceutical breakthroughs of the 21st century. For the practitioner, QRA™ provides a comprehensive system to assess the body’s biofield to initiate the most rapid resolution for even the most complex patient or client. With QRA™ you will be empowered to use techniques that can dramatically improve the health of literally every patient you see – specifically, on purpose, without guesswork. QRA™ is an opportunity to learn clinical excellence. QRA™ provides an efficient, clinically tested, stand-alone technology and may also be used along with other modalities such as chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc. QRA™ is currently in use by thousands of leading
practitioners throughout the U.S., Canada and World Wide. Welcome to our World.” Dr. Robert Marshall, PhD.



The Quantum Health Science Summit
:  Podcast Series
W e l c o m e F r i e n d s to the Quantum Health Science Summit 
On behalf of Premier Research Labs™ Canada & The Quantum Research Council, 
we welcome you to our Conference & Canadian Summit. This LIVE event is filled with incredible content that will truly ignite that spark of wonderment you have for the Human Body and the Sciences that makes it all work. We invite all Practitioners / Professionals, Students & General Health Enthusiasts to come & experience a variety of health modalities, scientific discoveries & modern healing arts from around the World. You will make Friendships that will last a lifetime, laugh & learn, get inspired and experience the best live event…ever! 6 Workshops over 3 Amazing Days! Tickets at Eventbrite.com or BGangel.com/Quantum Health Science Summit or Call the Ticket Hotline at: 647 286 1439


Shopping Nightmare
:  Podcast Series

Welcome to Shopping Nightmare, confessions of a SECRET Shopper. Here we share the hidden side of the Retail Industry. From Deals to Meals, from Wholesale to No Sale, Where to Shop, Where to Spend, it never ends. We all have shopping nightmares to share! We share who to Support and Who to Ignore, Learn the secrets to saving, Like never before.


Vastu Secrets:
Podcast Series
Vastu is the ancient 10,000 year old ‘science of architecture’ which originated in India. It is based on specific geometric principles of design and construction which are used to create the most powerful & harmonious living environments on earth.


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