“Four stars…great entertainment” Brian had our group at the edge of their seat the whole time!Norma Zelina, Owner of Lotus Living Canada

Brian Gangel is an extraordinary keynote speaker who brings his qualifications as a certified herbalist, Iridologist, Quantum Reflex Analyst, Health Coach, Holistic Skin Care specialist, and Environment Consultant to audiences seeking greater health and prosperity.

Brian has appeared at health and holistic conferences across Canada and USA. Including: The Whole Life Expo, Total Health Show, The National Women’s Show, The Mind, Body and Spirit Expo, and many more.

With an element of humour and brilliance, Brian’s seminars are accompanied by extraordinary PowerPoint presentations and a wealth of free information and demonstrations. Brian’s style is one part education and one part entertainment.

“Why is he the only guy teaching this stuff?” His simple to understand health concepts literally saved my life.”Cheryl Shields, Kingston Ontario

“A drink from the fire hydrant! Learned more in one hour then I could have in a lifetime. Pure Wow.”Tom Lamb, owner of Vega Marketing

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Topics Include:

  • The Drivers behind dis-ease and dis-order (the Story behind the Story)
  • Vastu: Feng Shui on Steriods!
  • Food Freaks: Organic, Raw, Vegan Live Food Preparation Classes
  • The Fountain of Youth – the Anti-Aging Show
  • Beyond a Normal Life
  • Growing Healthy Children
  • Detox Secrets
  • Limitless: Unlocking endless Energy
  • Seniors First: Feeling Great for 120 Years
  • The Miracle of Salt
  • Shape Shifting – weight loss & prevention
  • Hair Loss Secrets
  • Good Food 2.0 (Advanced Diet Requirements)
  • The Mess with Stress
  • The Great Group Detox

Brian Gangel – Holistic Lifestyle and Natural Health Professional
New Millennium Living Ltd 647 286 1439 or BGangel.com