The Ancient Healing Art of Mud Packing & its’ Amazing Detox properties!

Mom Said “don’t you track MUD into the house”. If only she knew!

The Ancient Healing Art of Mud Packing & its’ Amazing Detox properties!

A key overlooked factor in literally every disease or pain syndrome is the hidden blockages in the energy and/or nerve flow of the body.  Known by Ancient Cultures has the ‘chi’ and by today’s science has “interference fields”. An example would be a trauma or scar at a site preventing the normal exchange of power from one part of the body to another. Another example is the deep seating toxins embedded in the connective tissue that can mean years of delayed healing – or in some cases none at all.

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients discovered how to “Open Up” these blockages and help increase circulation, boost the immune system, eases muscle tension, rejuvenates cells, and most importantly how to heal swiftly from serious injury in a time when hospitals, critical care specialists and surgery did not exist! It is called “Mud Packing”.  Today mud’s are in use in all of the top health spas around the World. And thanks to modern science we have taken the Art of Mud Packing to a whole NEW level…

When applied correctly it initiates the “thermal effect”; a deep intrinsic cellular cleansing. It can begin a wholesale ‘Toxin Release’ which in some cases can eliminate up to 50% of the local bioaccumulations – sometimes in a single application.  This can mean the quick resolution of many aches and pains like hand & back pain, frozen shoulders, hip problems, foot neuralgia and so much more.

Another interesting application of Mud Packing is to ‘Detox’ the major organ and gland systems by applying therapeutic medical grade muds directly to the external parts of the body. ‘Mudding’ can also clear stagnant toxic build-ups caused by scars, piercing and mutations in the skin.  Using the techniques of the Ancients you can achieve a return to ideal cellular resonance (perfect cell health) and help to rapidly clear the whole body of a lifetime burden of toxic exposures.  These bioaccumulations can literally mean the difference between a life full of vigor and zest or one of pain and misery.

How do Mud’s achieve these kinds of amazing results? Here is The Scientific Stuff:

Ion exchange is an exchange of ions between two electrolytes or between an electrolyte solution and a complex. In chemistry, an electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that make the substance electrically conductive.  In most cases the term is used to denote the processes of purification, separation, and decontamination of ion-containing mediums using a solid polymeric or mineral ‘ion exchangers’. Typical ion exchangers are ion resins (functionalized porous or gel polymer). Examples include zeolites, montmorillonite, clay, and soil humus. Ion exchangers are either cation exchangers that exchange positively charged ions or anion exchangers that exchange negatively charged ions.

The Magic Mud we have discovered is a unique blend of Humic & Fulvic acids, Peat, Magma, Moor and Natural Earth Clays. It is 100% pure. It also has essential therapeutic oils of Thyme & Pine. This mud is designed to increase the cation exchange process when applied externally.  The formulation is specific for riding the body of toxins in the adipose tissues. It can also be used for conditions of acute or chronic inflammation.

If you would like to learn more about the Miracle of Mud and other therapies used for thousands of years, we are presenting a very special seminar on Sunday October 27th @ 1pm. It is called Ancient Arts. Here you will learn all about the different types of Mud Packing, various Salt Therapies including famous ionic foot soaks, Plus we will take a closer look at Castor oil Packs, Banya Therapy and so much more. Plan to attend and book your seat early. This event will sell out.  Please wear loose clothing because all attending will be mud packed and experience all of the Ancient Arts demonstrated.  The event takes place at the beautiful Fernlea Natural Healing Sanctuary in Richmond Hill on the Oak Ridges Moraine.  Call me at 647-286-1439 to get all the exciting details.

Article by: Brian Gangel – Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Natural Health Professional

Canada’s QRA™ Expert.

Addendum: Here are some other examples of Interference Fields:

When I first heard of the concept that my 20 year old blow to my head was causing my chronic sinus problem, I just could not make the connection? It was not until several years into my health career that I fully understood the bio-mechanics of a blockage in the energy and nerve flow causing the sedation of the organ or gland and literally starving off of critical nutrition to the site.

I want you to think about of an organ like the thyroid in terms of a lake. Over the years its function seems to drop off and you experience issues like weight gain, fatigue and even metabolic issues like body temperature etc. In others words the water level in the lake seems to be dropping and nobody can give you an answer why this is the case. You eat well, exercise daily, take vitamins and minimize your exposure toxins but still the problem persists until one day you must see a doctor who suggests a drug to treat the symptoms. What was the true underlying cause of the problem? Everyone was looking at the lake and over-looked the role of the ‘feeder streams’ supplying critical nutrients to the thyroid. Welcome to the World of “I.F.’s” (interference fields)….blockages in the energy and nerve flow. Here is another example:

A women presents with bi-lateral leg edema: both legs swallowed and stiff. Classic approach of medicine they give her a diuretic. Which in the long run may damage the kidneys? We see the ‘C-section’ scar from some 50 years prior and recognize that is was most likely acting to cut off the flow to the legs and kidneys driving the edema.  This is when we began mudding the sites of concern. Using an ancient mud packing therapy we were able to ‘open up’ the blockage from the scars and thus restore normal physiology to the legs. Ahhhh! Magic Mud to the rescue.

In the case of the Thyroid, we discovered a scar/injury to the chin and lip area from a fall off a bike was causing a drop in hormone levels. In my own case it was the blow to my forehead I received while playing croquette with my Dad that was a major contributing factor driving my blocked sinuses.

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