Be the Ultimate LocalVore with an indoor Hydroponic Garden

The Future Grocery Store is in your Living Pantry!

It has been said that if you eat make-believe food you will get make-believe health. Today that is truer than ever before. The food supply is so depleted of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants that choosing high quality / nutrient dense food is critical to achieving an optimal level of health.

There are 2 things that you can do today to help you to avoid a future of object misery when it comes to your health. First:  learn to navigate through the mine-field that is the grocery store and second, learn how to grow some portion of your food supply at home. This is the only way you can control the elements that make up the nutritional value of your food. Plus you can truly assure that what you are eating has not been sprayed and/or irradiated.

I firmly believe that home hydroponics is the way of the future. It does not matter how much space you have because today’s systems range from massive commercial systems to micro farms that can literally fit into a window ledge.  No matter which system you choose you can easily grow enough salad, greens & herbs for your family daily! Hydroponic growing is EASY. The equipment required is very inexpensive and the results are dramatic and faster than conventional gardening. And best of all you can grow year round!

If you want to learn the secrets to getting great results, avoiding beginner mistakes & saving tonnes of money on your future grocery bills…then be sure to attend our HYDROPONIC MAGIC Workshop being held on Thursday June 12th @ 7pm. Here you will learn about lighting sources, growing mediums, nutrient solutions & which hydroponic system type best suits your individual needs. There will be hands-on demonstrations, lectures and plenty of handouts. Cost is only $49. p.p. – seating is limited so book your space early.

Included in Hydroponic Magic Workshop will be a segment we like to call “Navigating the Morgue”. (Our affectionate name for the grocery store, because this is where all the dead food rests in State!) Here we will show you how to use QRA™ – a proven kinesiology test to challenge the quality of your food PLUS we will introduce you to the BRIX metre – an amazing tool for measuring the energy output of your food choices.

Lastly I would like to leave you with this article on how food can affect the health of our children. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Dying and Degeneration”

Our nation is in danger of degenerating and dying out. To survive, we must feed our kids higher quality foods. For this to occur, every family must be able to identify good food vs. chemically grown junk. Here’s an example. Ask your dentist how many mouths he has seen that have properly developed dental arches. Our children are being fed food so poor in minerals that the average child’s jaw cannot fully fill out – thus it has a crowded dental arch. This is why wisdom teeth have to be removed (ideally, all wisdom teeth should be kept for best health and long life).  Poor minerals in the diet is why so many children need braces. Take a look at the faces of the children you see on the street. The mouth is only a window into the body. Notice those thin faces with poorly formed mouth arches — with crowded teeth trying to push past one another – and which are accompanied by fragile, low-density, bones. Our race is in danger of degenerating – and is in the process. The answer is real quality, highly nourishing food. It is vital for us to survive. Please see Dr. Weston Price’s book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. It is a priceless classic about the proven link between health or degeneration and diet.”1.




Brian Gangel – Holistic Lifestyle Coach / Culinary Nutritionist

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(1.) Reprint with permission from Premier Research Labs.

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